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how to use sharing power bank with APP

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APP solution
一:Suiltable to :Hotels, restaurants, cafes, KTV, hospitals,
banks and other public places.
二:Working principle:

三:Steps for usage:
1,The user installs APP. Note: At present, China uses WeChat
and Alipay technology.
2,Open the APP, locate the device. (Currently associated with
high German map) to locate the nearest device.
3,Sweep equipment two-dimensional code, APP operation to
pay the deposit. After the deposit is paid successfully, the
equipment lends the full charger to the user, and the
equipment starts timing (rental time calculation). Users can
take away the power bank.
4,After the user has finished using the charger, they need to
return, open the APP to find the nearest device location, insert
the charging treasure directly into the empty position of the
equipment, and charge the equipment (the product), the
cabinet communication server to settle (lend time) APP
account for debit. And notify the user. Use time and payment
5,Users need to return the deposit, click into the APP, the
deposit refund operation OK
Advantage:Automatic processing can monitor all user tracks
and consumption in real time (large data), easy to use.
Disadvantages: Technical requirements are high, the need to
build a server and background, electronic payment technology.
Long development cycle, high cost.。
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