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Shenzhe Ruioo Electronic Co ;Ltd

Shenzhen Ruioo Electronic Co.,Limited ,it is set up by three senior engineers in 2016 , located in the global electronic window in Shenzhen, the registered capital of 500,000.

We are specializing in network management system , based on the development of bars, restaurants, shopping malls and other professional users of products. The main products are: bar, restaurant sharing mobile power system, table mobile power, restaurant call system, restaurant positioning system.
We are based on RFID technology application development, Internet of things applications, cloud and other technology applications and development. For customers custom management background, server, APP and other services. For the province of labor, delivery precision, enhance the user experience, thereby enhancing the competitiveness.
Company brand RUIOO in the country, Europe, the United States and other countries registered.
Products have a number of patented technology. Company uphold the first technology, quality first, the first service to do the spirit of industry and dedication to provide customers.


Contact: Mr. Zou

Phone: 86 18664997939

Tel: 86 755 29448190


Add: The 3th Floor D Building Shuangjinhui Industrial Yonghe Road Fuyong Town Baoan District Shenzhen

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